Children & Youth

Youth Group Update

By Christian Hansen

As mentioned at the beginning of the year, we have been meeting approximately twice a month. Over the winter months, we have begun to meet more frequently with St. Matthias and plan to meet with St. David’s soon as well in effort to build up youth ministry within our convocation.

Coming up this summer, we will be attending the IMPACT Richmond Mission Trip for our third straight year from July 14-20. If you are not familiar with this mission, it is a wonderful local mission that gathers ~100-125 youth and adults from Virginia and the surrounding states (WV & TN in past years) to make repairs and updates on local homes. Local residents can apply to be considered for this mission work each year. “Gurus” (people with construction/home repair experience) help guide each group’s work and give them what they need to complete the job(s).

Over the past two years, we have built a ramp, fixed a roof overhang, painted interior and exterior walls, and cleared out lawn debris amongst other things. We hope you will join us for this great trip - your friends are invited! If you are interested in being our female chaperone or know someone that we should ask, please contact me at

Archangels Update


By Christian Hansen

Sunday School has continued its momentum under the fearless leadership of Jill Hunter, Carla Ewing and Marion Price. One special highlight was when our kids learned about Jesus’ healing ministry. The “Threads” take home sheet for this lesson did a good job once again of relating these stories to our identity as Episcopalians for our kids...

“Episcopalians take a holistic approach to healing. We ask for healing, not curing, knowing that God’s way of healing may not be our way. When confused about what to ask for, we often say, “We entrust all who are dear to us to your never-failing care and love…knowing that you are doing for them better things than we can desire or pray for…” (BCP, p. 831).”

We continue this healing ministry through healing prayer during Communion by lay members of our congregation and visits by our clergy to parishioners at home or in the hospital. Our Archangels made cards during class as seen in the pictures above for our church's healing mnistry. These cards will be distributed by the clergy when they visit parishioners and is our small way of continuing Jesus’ work.