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What can I give back for all that the Lord has given me? -Psalm 116

Stewardship at St. Michael’s

The daily life of the church we love requires a financial commitment to realize that which we are called to do. God has blessed us with much which has sustained St. Michael’s through our life together. Though vital to our work at St. Michael’s, money is just one of our three pillars of Stewardship. Contributing your Time and Talent is just as critical as Treasure to sustaining the mission of St. Michael’s. We are reaching out and building relationships from the perspective of abundance, rather than scarcity.

Online Pledge Card

Link above to our confidential online 2019 pledge card, which you can use whether you plan to give electronically or by check. This form lets our treasurer know of your intentions. A pledge can be changed at any time. To see the hard copy of this year’s giving letters and pledge/giving forms, click below:

Give On-Line – Click Here

You can make a one time, recurring stewardship pledge gift, an endowment gift, or a special gift through our online giving.

Online Spiritual Gift Inventory

Link to a resource from the United Methodist Church which can help you discover your Spiritual Gifts and how God has equipped you for ministry.

John Sanderson-Treasurer
Jenny Thompson- Finance Chair

Endowment Fund

While pledging Stewardship support to St. Michael’s feeds the crucial day to day ministries of our parish, St. Michael’s Endowment is entrusted to consider the longer term horizon of our church. A gift to St. Michael’s Endowment allows individuals to leave an enduring legacy. The gift principal is conservatively invested and managed. As the Endowment portfolio grows, distributions from earnings are made with an eye toward the long term vitality of St. Michael’s.

Douglas Spencer – Endowment Chairman

Give to the Endowment fund here